To be a member of this toplist your site must be about a real CAT or CATS and offer more than a collection of links. It should also be easy to navigate and be in English or have good English translation. Also, the vote graphic must be on a page on all members sites in order to be on and stay on this list. Sites without the vote graphic will be removed.

Those applying for membership must follow the instructions on the email they receive after applying. You will receive a response in about 24-48 hours. Once your site is approved you will need to login to your member's page and get the vote graphic's HTML code by clicking the Get Your Link Code link, then choosing one of the 4 vote graphic sizes. Please send email with the link of the webpage/s on your site that has the toplist's vote graphic to: You can email me if you need your member's ID and/or password. Your site will not show up on the list until the vote graphic is on your site and you have clicked on it once.

Not all that apply will be approved. Sites with broken links, missing graphics or pages, blurred photos, or with vulgar language, obscene or questionable material and links that lead to lewd or offensive material (pornography), or material that promote spiritism, hate or prejudice will not be accepted.

This list is monitored closely for cheating so please No Vote Exchange or Multiple Voting from same source allowed! Anyone suspected of cheating will be removed from this list. Please Keep it Fair! Only one vote per voter per day can be counted and added to the total votes. Multiple votes from the same source will not be added to the votes total. Your site must have at least 1 vote to display on the list. Everyone is allowed to vote for their site once a day. The toplist should automatically update votes every 30 minutes and the votes will reset back to 0 every 30 days.

Members that wish to see their sites go up on the toplist should place the vote graphic on your site's home page and vote page where it will be easy for your site's visitors to locate.

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Here are two links to give you a laugh! Click here for the Kitty Cat Dance | Click here for the Funny Cats Videos Clip

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